One Great Shot

I love doing styled portrait and branding sessions but sometimes I get asked to do headshots. I have often heard, I just need one good pic for my LinkedIn. So I created this session with those people in mind. It is short and sweet.

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Frida Friday

Frida Friday is just one of the events masterminded by T.K. Tunchez.  She is a force in our community and I can only guess we will be seeing much more of her in 2018. Not only is she making and selling her own art, she is providing spaces and making room for others.  Read more about what she is about here.    

Quince at the Capitol

Brave young women speaking out against SB4.

Cristina Tzintzun and I conceived of the idea on the East side over lunch while prepping for a town hall.  She, along with her amazing team and volunteers with Jolt Texas , took the idea and made it into a national conversation covered by a number of news outlets.  I showed up to photograph the event and help accompany a group of the young girls after their performance and speeches in front of the Capitol to different offices of Legislators offering them a tissue flower for their opposition to the racist law or a copy of an excerpt of The New Colossus poem that is displayed on the Statue of Liberty.  


From the ACLU website:  SB4 is a Texas law that forces local governments and law enforcement agencies to do the work of federal immigration officers. It punishes local officials who choose to prioritize their communities’ safety over the anti-immigrant agenda of politicians, diverts precious local resources away from communities to serve the needs of the federal government, corrodes public trust in law enforcement, and drives victims and witnesses of crime into the shadows, making everyone less safe. Sheriffs and police chiefs across the state strongly advised the legislature not to pass this awful law. Governor Abbott signed SB4 on May 7, 2017.

You can see some of my photos on display at the Mexic-Arte Museum exhibit Fotografia y Nuevo Medios, running through end of May 2018.  They will then be added to the permanent collection.  

Sandra Bland Remembrance March

Sandra Bland was pulled over for a traffic violation in 2015.  When I heard the details of her arrest and death something inside of me stirred.  Watching the footage and listening to the audio was heart wrenching.  I didn't know it then, but it would be the beginning of my journey into the world of activism.  Because black people were dying and nobody seemed to mind.  Below are a few images from the Counter Balance ATX march in remembrance of Sandra Bland.  If you are interested in working with non-profits, I recommend looking into Counter Balance by clicking here.  

Counter Balance ATX Co-founder Kristina Brown

Counter Balance ATX Co-founder Kristina Brown

Prep Day

Brave young women getting briefed on how the day will go for their protest on SB4 at the Texas State Capitol.  It was a colorful idea Cristina Tzintzun of Jolt and I came up with over lunch one afternoon.  She ran with it and with help of many dedicated volunteers made it happen.  I was in awe of what her team had put together.  

Babe as F*#k

I have met some amazing women doing some impressive things with their lives and time.  If you are female and have not joined at least one of the many women's groups in town you are missing out.  These were taken at the June BossBabesATX meet-up.  They are a badass collective of women who created a platform and space, a space in which I have met some true friends.  If you don't know about them, I suggest you check them out.  


When my darling friend hired me to do her engagement photos I thought it was a little funny that she wanted to have part of her session at a Whataburger.  She told me the idea was to capture her and her fiancee all dressed up scarfing cheeseburgers because that is how most of their fun nights ended.  All she really needed to tell me was, "food", and I would have been up for it.    

The restaurant could not have been nicer, (a huge thank you to our East Austin location, my old neighborhood).  Call time was 5a.m. I grabbed my handsome assistant, Mr. Leandra Blei, and upon arriving saw the most darling couple, ready to go in a suit and cocktail dress.  We had an amazing shoot, although I kept forgetting between bites they actually had to chew and swallow their food  for me to take my next shot.



Hello Tuesday

Last Spring wanting to hone my skills a bit I posted a Craigslist ad looking for a blogger of food or fashion to collaborate with.  This is how I met Betsy, who aside from our metabolism and other physical attributes, could be my little sister.  We hit it off our first meet up and have been shooting together for over a year now and even did a shoe campaign together last Winter.  Here are some favorites from our Anniversary Session we took to Laguna Gloria.  She is not only lovely but the absolute sweetest.  Be sure to check out her blog, Hello Tuesday, here.