Food Photo Fun

Although recently I have been doing a lot of portraiture, when I first began my adventure in photography my passion was Food.  Having spent well over a decade in the trenches of kitchens, expo lines, catering events, along with every aspect of the Front of House of restaurants, naturally my first subjects were plates of food.  At the time I was helping a friend out at a local diner but once that ended I needed to get my hands, quite literally, on more food.  But how?

After much trial and error I realized I am a terrible cook.  I wasted many hours and invented new curse words attempting to follow a recipe, set up a shoot, teach myself about lighting, all to fail miserably.  I reached out to a few restaurants wanting to practice for trade but not many people understood what was needed to shoot just one dish.  Finally I met an ambitious young woman, ( with the perfect Italian Chef's name),  Kelsey Cangelose, through Instagram who agreed to volunteer  her culinary skills and time in exchange for photos of her dishes.  That was almost seven months ago.  Since neither of us is a food stylist, we have been  learning as we go what works and what does not.  Most of the time we get some pretty remarkable shots and some days are just lessons.  She is an amazing Chef and such a joy to work with so either way we always have fun.  Her dishes are what make up the majority of food shots on my homepage.  

From one of my favorite shoots, here we are sorting through homemade pasta to find just the right noodles to spin onto a plate, then dress up with veggies and peppercorns.  

If you are in the Austin area and ever in need of a catered event or cooking lesson she is your gal.  Check out her Instagram account for contact information.