Practice makes Perfect

In an attempt to get my food juices flowing again, I decided to take a food Photography course.  It was instructed by Melissa Skorpil , someone I very much admire.  I had already taken this workshop prior but a lot had changed since.  For example, this time around I actually knew how to work the basics of my camera.  That is always helpful.  Also, Melissa has a new food stylist, GirlGoneGrits who was also joined by stylist Liz Pearson of San Antonio.  

Although I have studied photography on my own and through different courses along the way, there is much more to food photography than one might think.  Just as a fashion shoot has a backdrop of professionals on hand to touch up a model, a dish that is to be shot has a stylist that does the same.  The food stylist has her own equivalent to a make up kit full of brushes, oils, powders and sponges, electric irons for grill marks rather than for hair styling.  It takes a special eye not to mention a knowledge of the chemistry of food and what happens to it under different conditions.  

There is also lighting.  This is the photographer's responsibility.  It sets the mood of the scene.  I prefer natural light but studio lights are part of the biz so it is helpful to see first hand the different ways to light a subject, which is primarily why I signed up for this workshop a second time around.  

There were multiple stations set up, complete with lighting plus camera setting suggestions. Life is easier when all you have to do is press a button, isn't it?  Of course each attendee got to take his turn at shooting, interpreting the scene in an attempt to make it their own.  Here are some of my shots from the workshop.  I hope you like them.