Valentine's Day with My Closet Life

I love working with bloggers.  They keep me on my toes with all the current lingo and what is fashionable.  Yes, I feel a little old when I'm around them but it is worth it just to be around such a fun bunch of gals, letting their creativity and personalities out to the world in ways I am still terrified to do.  While working on a Christmas Collaboration last year with a handful of fashion bloggers, I was introduced to Kaley Margaret.  She is kind of the coolest chic you'll ever meet.  She is a foodie who likes fashion and drinking beer and has a roar of a laugh.  We got together with her childhood friend and make up artist, Katherine Crenshaw, for a little Valentine's Day fun.  Or rather Pre V-Day to offer beauty tips and tricks.  It was such a great time and my partner and I even played around with a little video.  Click here to check out her blog and some past shoots we've done together.