Mais Oui

Seriously, where does the time go?  Summer is over and I am in full swing getting my Women Project together.  More to come on that later.  But first, some photos of my recent trip to France. The reason for the trip was a personal one.  Some very dear friends of ours got married.  It was one of the sweetest ceremonies I have ever seen.  My heart will always be in the South of France but I decided to take a detour through Paris my last couple of days there.  I arranged a week or two prior to meet up with two Paris bloggers.   Here are some shots from my mini session with Fashion blogger, Naelle, who runs the Once-in-Paris-blog.  She was looking gorgeous in vintage items on a rainy day in what seemed to me to be a quintessentially Parisian cafe.  Enjoy and look for my upcoming post in which British Expat and Lifestyle blogger, Chloe and I, bop around Paris for two afternoons.