Sandra Bland Remembrance March

Sandra Bland was pulled over for a traffic violation in 2015.  When I heard the details of her arrest and death something inside of me stirred.  Watching the footage and listening to the audio was heart wrenching.  I didn't know it then, but it would be the beginning of my journey into the world of activism.  Because black people were dying and nobody seemed to mind.  Below are a few images from the Counter Balance ATX march in remembrance of Sandra Bland.  If you are interested in working with non-profits, I recommend looking into Counter Balance by clicking here.  

Counter Balance ATX Co-founder Kristina Brown

Counter Balance ATX Co-founder Kristina Brown


When my darling friend hired me to do her engagement photos I thought it was a little funny that she wanted to have part of her session at a Whataburger.  She told me the idea was to capture her and her fiancee all dressed up scarfing cheeseburgers because that is how most of their fun nights ended.  All she really needed to tell me was, "food", and I would have been up for it.    

The restaurant could not have been nicer, (a huge thank you to our East Austin location, my old neighborhood).  Call time was 5a.m. I grabbed my handsome assistant, Mr. Leandra Blei, and upon arriving saw the most darling couple, ready to go in a suit and cocktail dress.  We had an amazing shoot, although I kept forgetting between bites they actually had to chew and swallow their food  for me to take my next shot.



The Dojo

Beautiful women in beautiful colors.  These ladies have a super dope style and energy that is off the charts.  More Austin women just doing their thing.  They are inspiring.  We had a great shoot running around the 2nd Street district causing a stir and getting all sorts of positive attention.  Be sure to check them out on Instagram and try to keep up with all the creative dopeness they are spreading around.  I dare you.   @the.dojo @dopecrochet @Sharecess_carter 

Just a good ole fashioned Hootenanny

Although I don't mention it much, I do shoot events.  It is almost a secret pleasure.  I feel like a spy or a fly on the wall, until the flash goes off of course.  I was recently asked back to shoot the 3rd Annual Pie Contest and Hootenanny fund raiser hosted by KOOP Community Radio.  It gave me the warm fuzzies to be asked back.  I took a ton of photos but here are some highlights.  If you would like to see the rest of them check out my KOOP album on my Facebook Page.  

Friends and Flowers

Syd and Mare have been friends since they were three.  They are Seniors this year and next fall will be making new friends in college, one possibly over a thousand miles away.  When I had the idea of doing a Spring sunset shoot, they seemed like the obvious people to ask.  The Sun was not as excited to participate but we made do.  Aren't they just the sweetest?