Portrait of a Lady

I am so grateful every day that I get to do what I love; taking photographs of people celebrating cherished events, showing off their styles, their talents, capturing a period of time with their families...Along my journey I stumbled upon a famous photographer's work, Sue Bryce,  and something clicked.  Like discovering French cheese for the first time, studying her portraiture became my new favorite thing.  I have been putting together shoots in my studio, focusing on portraits of women.  One of the reasons this type of portraiture spoke to me came from the idea, not a new idea, but one that Sue Bryce touched on in one of her talks, that we all have that one photo of someone we love that is so special and passed down for generations.  Not "emailed to"  Not tagged on Facebook, but a physical printed and framed image.  I thought, YES!  What a wonderful idea!  So here we go.  This is the beginning of something I would like to do.  A project that is becoming very dear to me.  I would like to bring back the portrait.  

Make up by Ashton Plummer @Ashtondoeshair; Styled by @The Dojo and of course Tierra, our beautiful model is part of a health fitness and wellness team @vtwellness


I am sometimes asked to take family portraits.  This wonderful mom and I went to school together, which seems like a million years ago and at the same time just yesterday.  How is that?  She, of course, is only getting more gorgeous with age and her girls are precious.  She says she could not have made two daughters more different if she had tried.  

I have recently been getting into more studio work but for families,  in my opinion, it's more fun to get outside.  We met at a little park, which I was introduced to by another family last fall, and got some fun shots.  Below are some of my favorites.