Latinx Voices is an online photo and video interview series with Latinx people in Austin, Texas. I submitted an interview last year when I heard about the project and I was delighted when I was approached to interview people in my circle for possible online publication.  Our interview will be recorded to be transcribed later by me and submitted for approval.  After our conversation I will take a few photos of you.  Plan accordingly.  Your photo and story may be used on LatinxSpaces.com and here on my website.  

Please enter your information below.  If approved, your full name will be published but your contact information will be kept private.

*Before you start! Do you acknowledge that your photo and interview can and will be published on a public website?
If your answer is no, but you know somebody who might be interested, please connect us. *Yes, I understand my photo and interview will be on the internet and anyone with internet access will be able to read it.
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